Farm-to-Pizza: Buying Local is in our DNA

Our new Seasonals are here!

When we served our first slice back in 1979, we bought from local farms and artisanal vendors not because it was trendy—it wasn’t—but because they made great products. Back then, farm-to-table was far from being a shopworn phrase. We knew and trusted the people making and growing the products we put on our dough, and we were the only pizza place in the area using fresh local ingredients to top our pies.

To this day, we still use vendors we started buying from decades ago—and have developed many more valued local connections as we’ve expanded through the years. The benefits of buying locally extend far beyond developing beneficial relationships with local artisans. Buying locally helps the local economy, supports local producers, keeps jobs in our area, and minimizes the fossil fuels used in shipping. Best of all, some of the finest foods in the country are made right here.

Our new seasonal pizzas showcase some fabulous local produce. Our Peachza Primo is a tribute to Washington state peaches. Peachy, tangy, juicy—it’s a riot of complementary flavors. We layer savory roasted pork loin with peaches from Eastern Washington over mozzarella and an olive oil base. Out of the oven, we top the pie with fresh peppery arugula and a tangy drizzle of balsamic reduction.

When tomatoes fill the tables at the farmers market, we use them on as many seasonals as possible. Our Tomato Basil Primo features farm-fresh tomatoes that are slow-roasted with garlic and basil. The result is a caramelized tomato with intense depths of flavor. We layer them over olive oil and mozzarella. After baking, we top the pie with fresh basil.

Finally, there’s our seasonal gelato. If there’s a better way to enjoy peaches than straight off the tree, Gelatiamo’s Peach Sorbet is it—and who couldn’t use a little cool down during these hot August days. Gelatiamo uses peaches from Tonnemaker Organic Farms located near Royal City, Washington. The family-run farm grows some of the best peaches anywhere. Fresh and light, Gelatiamo’s Peach Sorbet captures the essence of Tonnemaker’s juicy farm stand peaches.

Publish Date: August 12, 2021