85th Street: New and Improved

When remodeling an old building, surprises hidden behind walls are not often good ones, but when we removed the drop ceiling in the dining area of our store on 85th, we were delighted to find spectacular beams from when the building was first built. We liked them so much, we decided to pivot and included them in the new design. We also added a slice bar for customers who want to grab a quick slice or two. Additional windows bring in even more natural light to the space. Another feature we’re excited to unveil is our Pickup Ready station. With the majority of our customers now pre-ordering via our app or our website, we now stage orders for pickup at a station dedicated to pre-orders. When a customer's order is ready, we text them that their order is waiting at the Pickup Ready station and they can pick-up without waiting in line. But what most people will see—dramatic aesthetic improvements to the exterior and interior, the slice bar, and better customer flow—is only the half of it. One of our busiest stores, 85th now has a kitchen designed to meet the demand and then some, which means as volume increases, we’ll still be able to get your order to you quickly.

And if anyone can handle a rush, it’s the crew at 85th. “We have some serious tenure in this location,” says Jeff Woodruff, VP of Operations. “Justin Wehrell, our GM, has been with Pagliacci for 22 years, and Steven Black, an associate manager, has been at 85th for over ten years.”

Since this location delivers so many pizzas, we should also mention that the driving team’s average tenure is north of ten years. It doesn’t take a math whiz to total up the sum of dedication, experience, and a bigger, better kitchen. These drivers know many of their customers by name and the quickest route to every house. With even more capacity in the kitchen, you can count on your order arriving when you’re ready for it.

This remodel was a massive undertaking, and we’re thrilled to share the results with you.

Publish Date: June 20, 2021