New Seasonal Pizzas For Your Gatherings

With rising numbers of those vaccinated and falling virus cases, gatherings at parks, in backyards, at friends’ homes—inside!—are happening all across the greater Seattle area. Maskless smiles abound, as do, gulp, hugs. After a year of isolation, it feels almost like a mass celebration.  

But having guests means cleaning up the house and planning a meal—unless, of course, you let someone else handle the food. Just say the word, and we’ve got you covered—from drinks to dessert with pizza and salads in between. 

On the fence? Let us tempt you with our new seasonals.  

Our Morel & Chicken Sausage is a mushroom lover’s delight. Morels, more closely related to truffles than to other mushrooms, are one of the most sought-after wild mushrooms in the world. Their complex, earthy flavor is nutty, woodsy, and a smidge smokey. Foraged & Found Edibles supply us with a precious supply for our Morel and Chicken Sausage Primo. The all-natural chicken sausage comes from local favorite Isernio’s Sausage. Crimini mushrooms, mozzarella, and our seasoned tomato sauce make up the rest of this temptation. 

June means Walla Walla onions and the return of our Crostata, an onion lover’s dream! Typically, onions are planted in the spring. But Walla Walla onions are planted in the fall, overwintered, and harvested as summer arrives. The particular varietal of onion, brought from Corsica by an Italian immigrant, when grown in the fertile sandy loam soil of the Walla Walla region produces an onion with such a mild, sweet flavor that it’s our state vegetable. We slice the onions and caramelize them to a rich buttery sweetness, which we layer generously over an olive oil base, and top with a blend of gorgonzola, mozzarella, and fontina cheese.  

And since celebrations should be fun, and even better if they’re also sweet, we’ve got frozen pints of sweet fun—Funfetti. Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo’s owner, created this gelato to make people smile. The playful gelato starts with a freshly baked colorful cake, which gets broken into morsels and blended with a mascarpone base. The creamy, sweet Italian cheese gives the gelato a tang that harmonizes with the flavorful cake in a way that’ll keep that smile on your face. 

Publish Date: June 17, 2021