Try Before You Deny: The Ranch Primo

Our newest seasonal is a game-changer.

Whoa! Word is out, and comments are in. Some are thrilled, others aghast. Yes, we know, an Italian pizzeria in Houston banned ranch dressing, and a New York food writer called putting it on pizza “a crime against nature.” Matt Galvin, co-owner of Pagliacci, declared “over my dead body” when the proposal first came in. Yet, our food team persisted and got rave reviews from our tasters. So, here we are. The Ranch Primo features chicken, bacon, onions, and mozzarella over a ranch base. Out of the oven, we finish the pie with diced tomatoes, fresh parsley and, yes, a drizzle of ranch. Skeptical? We were too.

Publish Date: December 1, 2022