Three Distinctive, Crisp Salads

Our salads are just as famous as our pizzas.

Everyone knows salads go well alongside pizza, but they’re sometimes an afterthought. At Pagliacci, they’re anything but! We may be famous for pizza, but our salads are also very popular. Our leafy salads are fresh and crisp, always prepared to order, and to your specifications with ingredients on the side or excluded. 

The Pagliaccio (a.k.a. the "Chop-Chop")

Our Pagliaccio Salad has been on the menu for more than 40 years, and we couldn’t change it without risking a rebellion. It’s Pagliacci founder Dorene Centioli’s spin on a chopped salad. If you don’t know how to pronounce the name (Pa-lee-ah-chee-o), feel free to call it the “Chop Chop,” as many of our customers do—we still make it for them regardless! The legendary salad (at least in Seattle) is made with crispy green leaf lettuce, garbanzo beans, diced red peppers, kasseri cheese (made by local cheesemaker Ferndale Farmstead), salami, and red onions tossed in our house-made Dijon vinaigrette.  

The Caesar Salad

The Pagliaccio Salad was the only green salad on the menu for years. It looked lonely! Enter our Caesar Salad. The result of months of tasting and tweaking our recipe, Pagliacci’s Caesar Salad features crunchy chopped romaine, Parmesan, Macrina Bakery croutons, and our thick, house-made Caesar dressing. Coarsely grated Parmesan adds a nutty, salty edge to the velvety dressing and flavorful croutons. Add chicken and make it a meal!

Sicilian Chicken

Our Sicilian Chicken, the newest salad on the roster, was born from an idea provided by a creative crew member who’d dressed a salad with our spicy chicken marinade and loved it. Our food team took the cue and collaborated with Macrina Bakery'sfounder and chef extraordinaire Leslie Mackie to create the salad on our menu today. Our marinated chicken, which has a refreshing kick of heat, gets tossed with mixed greens and arugula, thyme-roasted artichoke hearts, currants, sun-ripened tomatoes, Ferndale Farmstead’s kasseri cheese, and a house-made spicy vinaigrette inspired by our crew member’s happy discovery. Currants bring that Sicilian sweet-savory flavor, and mild, buttery chunks of kasseri cheese tame the spice.  

Order a salad today and see why we’re nearly as well known for salads as we are for pizza!

Publish Date: August 24, 2022