The Sweet Jubilance of Summer Peaches (Tomatoes, too!)

The Peachza Primo is back!

With the year-round availability of so many fruits and vegetables, we sometimes forget that this doesn't equate to year-round access to authentic flavors. The market’s emphasis on shippable goods leaves us with peaches and tomatoes that resemble the real thing but fall short when the delicacy of flavor and fragrance and texture are what the farmer prizes.  

In season, Washington state produces world-class peaches and tomatoes. The abundance of these cherished fruits is relatively brief yet always mouthwateringly memorable. Taste is a sensation that transcends the power of language. Still, anyone who has experienced the roadside joy of a juicy, sun-warmed, farm-stand peach—with its sticky juices on your fingers and tantalizing sweetness on your tongue—knows what we're talking about. 

Our seasonals celebrate this time of flavorful abundance. We buy crates and crates of the finest tomatoes and peaches our state has to offer for these seasonal pizzas. The Peachza Primo showcases the sweet, tangy goodness of ripe peaches layered with savory roasted pork loin over creamy mozzarella. Out of the oven, we top the pie with fresh peppery arugula tossed with olive oil and sea salt, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. 

Our Tomato Basil stars farm-fresh tomatoes slow-roasted with balsamic, vinegar, garlic and basil. We layer these intensely flavored caramelized tomatoes over mozzarella and an olive oil base. After baking, we top the pie with fresh basil. 

Because we can never get enough local, ripe peaches, our seasonal gelato is Peaches & Cream. Often when peaches are in season and perfectly ripe, dessert is little more than cut peaches with a dollop of rich cream. But when Gelatiamo’s Peaches and Cream is available, we simply grab a spoon. Enjoying the just-picked flavor of their peach sorbet swirled with ribbons of silky sweet cream allows one to savor the jubilance of summer in each bite. 

Publish Date: August 10, 2023