Seasonal Harvest, Seasonal Specials

The Mushroom Primo features seven different mushrooms.

October in Seattle is neither pause nor prelude, it’s a chapter in itself. The air sharpens, as if the city is taking a deep breath before winter. Sunny days become sun breaks, tawny lawns green up again. Salmon make their valiant return to local creeks, streams, and rivers to spawn. And farmers and foragers comb forest and field for the last of the autumn harvest.

After the long summer, we relish the opportunity to bundle up in a favorite sweater and head to the market for some of our favorite seasonal produce: mushrooms, butternut squash, sage, and pumpkins.

Our Mushroom Primo is a symphony of 'shrooms: foraged chanterelles, earthy crimini, delicate white and brown shimeji, velvety oyster, meaty king oyster, and nutty maitake. The cherished umami flavor that this combo creates is irresistible. We combine the roasted fungi with caramelized onions and a trio of cheeses — provolone, mozzarella, and Parmesan — on an olive oil and garlic base. Fresh from the oven, a sprinkle of parsley adds the final touch to this autumnal gem.

A quartet of vibrant flavors harmonize in this seasonal favorite: butternut squash, sage, prosciutto, and foraged chanterelle mushrooms. We roast the butternut squash to caramelize the vibrant orange flesh and deepen its already nutty, sweet flavor. We fry the sage leaves, turning them into crisp peppery flavor bombs. Paper-thin prosciutto adds a nuanced, salty richness, while wild chanterelles, sourced from Foraged and Found, bring an earthy complexity. All of this sits on a creamy blend of mozzarella and fontina, atop an olive oil base. Our Butternut Sage Primo is a pizza that sings of the season.

However you feel about the explosion of pumpkin spice in the fall, do note that it started with pumpkin pie — where it belongs! Gelatiamo’s Pumpkin Gelato is a satiny-smooth and creamy version of your favorite pumpkin pie. Gelatiamo starts with fresh, roasted pumpkin and seasons it with ginger, cinnamon, allspice and clove before waving their magic wand and turning it into gelato. We first carried it in 2003 as a one-off. It flew off the shelves so fast that Gelatiamo couldn’t keep up. It’s still one of our most popular seasonal gelatos for a reason.

Lastly, don't forget to check out our seasonal beer: the award-winning Kolsch from Métier Brewing Co! Exclusively available at Pagliacci, Métier Kolsch is now available by the can for the first time ever. Light and refreshing with mild hop bitterness, it pairs perfectly with pizza. Order a 6-pack now!

Publish Date: October 5, 2023