Savor the Flavor: Pagliacci Adds Run Wild IPA by Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA
Experience the crisp, citrusy delight of Run Wild IPA — an alcohol-free, 65-calorie beer perfect for any occasion. 

The headline in a recent Wall Street Journal article says it all: “The hottest beer in America doesn’t have alcohol.” Few would have predicted that an alcohol-free beer could find such success. Drinking non-alcoholic beer has always been seen as second best, a killjoy deemed suitable only for those in the proverbial penalty box. Athletic Brewing has changed all that.  

Founded in 2017 by Bill Shufelt, a former hedge fund trader with no previous brewing experience, and John Walker, a craft brewer who embraced Shufelt's vision, Athletic Brewing aimed to revolutionize the nonalcoholic beer industry. They wanted to create a beer that both non-drinkers and drinkers alike would genuinely enjoy, a stark contrast to the historically lackluster offerings in this category.  

Like many famous startups, Shufelt and Walker began by tinkering in a garage. They brewed hundreds of batches, some outright foul, others quaffable in a pinch, and a few that were pretty good. They kept at it, using technologically advanced techniques and old-fashioned grit, until they had refined their best experimental brews into refreshing beers with surprisingly great taste. They’ve succeeded in creating beers that are an aspirational and positive choice, not as a compromise but as a desirable alternative for different occasions and lifestyles. According to the Wall Street Journal, Whole Foods now sells more Athletic beer than any other — including those with alcohol!  

At Pagliacci, we’re carrying Athletic’s Run Wild IPA. It features an approachable bitterness, classic piney, citrusy aroma, and a subtle, yet complex malt profile. Better yet, it’s only 65 calories (and, of course, refreshingly alcohol-free). It’s a standout choice for any occasion, especially with pizza. You can order a six-pack right to your door along with your next Pagliacci delivery. 

Publish Date: April 2, 2024