Pour Me Rosé: The New Release is Here!

Rosé the day away with Pour Me Rosé.

Sunshine isn't a prerequisite for rosé — we enjoy sipping it year-round — but when the sun beats down, a chilled glass of rosé can be divine. Amid the flux of hastily marketed rosés, those that are well-crafted stand out in all the best ways. àMaurice Cellars, the Walla Walla-based winemaker of Pour Me — the red and white wines we carry — recently released another limited-edition rosé. One taste of this year’s release and we bought as many cases as we could. It’s the kind of wine you want to be drinking on a warm evening — well-structured, brisk, and refreshing. Pour Me Rosé is vibrant pink in color and has a delightful mouth-watering acidity. Watermelon and alpine strawberry flavors dominate. Order a bottle with your next delivery (while supplies last). 

Publish Date: May 20, 2023