Pagliacci March Madness -- Sweet 16 Round 1

Today we had the first group of the final 16 attempt to move to the Final Four. We take a cumulative score from the 1st and 2nd round to determine the top 4 who will move on to the finals next weekend at Lake City Way. With first round scores already established some strategizing is necessary. It can be an advantage for the best scorers knowing whether they can take their time. It turns out the leaders weren’t much for strategy as the top 3 scorers were the first to go. Sam Kosola from Juanita and Mike Baxley from 145th coolly handled their early attempts and have scores that all but assure them a place in the finals. Ballinger’s Brian Youngdahl sits in 4th position and awaits Saturday’s group to learn his fate. Zach Lindner of Main Street rocked a red, white and blue headband and sits third. Zach, the lone crewmember currently in the top 4, is likely to move on and will be the heavy crowd favorite should his score hold up. Either way, Zach is one of 4 Main Streeters to start the competition and one of 3 in the Sweet 16. Our new store did alright for itself and Zach is proud to have advanced further than all his managers.

Publish Date: April 8, 2011