Pagliacci March Madness Day 4 -- Central Regional

The last day of the first round turned out to be the fastest – and was the only region dominated by crew. Co-workers Marc Goodwin and Matt Millen of Stone Way showed up together and left together – as the top 2 performers of the day. Their GM, Brady Madsen, came decked out in Air Jordan gear with hopes of finally winning the trophy he narrowly lost as an AM. In the end he was just a little too much Washington Wizards era Air Jordan and not enough Chicago Bulls Jordan. His 5th place finish means that, like Jordan now, he has to root for his guys from the sideline. Miller and Sand Point are known for their intense rushes. Out of those are born some very skilled tossers and all competitors put up pizzas within 2 seconds of each other – meaning quality would win out. Once again, purple proved helpful as Mikael Croy of Sand Point used his purple shirt and tie to look the part of someone ready to move on and his pizza looked good enough to move on as well. Sam Snyder of Miller (a former driver) showed he has rounded out his skills and moves on in the competition as well.

85th’s Brady Madsen decked out in his Air Jordan gear.

Steve Black from Stone Way ladles on the sauce.

Publish Date: April 7, 2011