Our Latest Fall Seasonals

It’s late autumn and a few stubborn leaves still cling to the branches, wet piles of colorful leaves carpet the lawn, and we dry our socks by the crackling fire. This is the season of long cool evenings with steaming mugs of hot cider, of Gore-Tex and warm sweaters, of dusting off skis and snowshoes. It’s also the time to enjoy two late-season treats: chanterelle mushrooms and pecans. Our new seasonals include a favorite pizza we discovered on a recent trip to Rome, a seasonal pizza featuring wild chanterelles, and a gelato celebrating the pecan harvest.

Our Chanterelle Prosciutto Primo is a tribute to one of the great gifts of mossy pine forests. Golden chanterelles sprout in clusters near Douglas-firs and spruce, a delectable feast waiting for the enterprising forager. We rely on the pros at Foraged and Found Edibles to supply us with baskets of the wild epicurean delicacies. We pair the chanterelles with La Quercia’s prize-winning prosciutto, a delicate and salty companion. Creamy mozzarella on an olive oil and garlic base completes this seasonal favorite.

Our Roman Holiday pizza is the newest addition to our menu. Matt Galvin, Pagliacci’s co-owner, vacationed in Rome with his family. He came back raving about a pizza his family fell in love with at a legendary Forno located in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori. When the food committee convened for a tasting, the pizza sailed through on its first test with no modifications, a first. The pizza features Italian sausage, roasted artichoke hearts, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella over a garlic and olive oil base and out of the oven we give it a dusting of Parmesan. We hope you like it as much as we do.

And over at Gelatiamo, Maria Coassin, the founder and creative flavor magician, has created an Italian tribute to the annual pecan harvest, which begins in late fall. Gelatiamo caramelizes the fresh pecans which brings out their buttery flavor, then sweetens the gelato with rich organic maple syrup. If you love pecan pie, you won’t want to miss this one. Get a pint (or two) while supplies last.

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Publish Date: November 1, 2018