New Topping: Field Roast Italian Sausage

One of the most interesting developments in food news of recent times is the development of plant-based meat alternatives—and consumer interest in them. Now nearly every burger joint offers an Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger. At Pagliacci, our dedicated food development team has been busy trying out the best alternative meat options on our pizza—and we think you’ll be pleased. 

To help with our final decision, we recruited a number of our vegan and vegetarian employees. We held an extensive tasting and the clear winner was the Field Roast Italian Sausage. “It stood out for its flavor and texture. They are a local company with a great reputation, and we are excited to add their product to our line of premium toppings,” says John Clifford, our Senior Director of Training and Development. 

The topping is available on any pizza, and we are featuring it as a vegetarian option on the South Philly (swap out Italian sausage for Field Roast) or Brooklyn Bridge (swap out pepperoni and sausage for Field Roast and roasted garlic), or as an addition to the Fresh Veggie or The Italiano. 

The juicy plant-based sausage is seasoned with garlic and fennel with a touch of red wine and cooks up with a texture surprisingly similar to traditional Italian sausage. The Field Roast Italian Sausage is vegan. We also offer vegan cheese made by Good Planet Foods. 

Not only did we feel that Field Roast made the best plant-based sausage, but they also align with our goal of sourcing local products. Field Roast was founded in Seattle in 1997. They make their plant-based sausages with a blend of vegetables, grains, legumes, fresh herbs and spices. 

We sourced this product with our vegetarian and vegan customers in mind. Still, we also suspect that some of our meat-loving customers with vegetarian friends or roommates will be excited to surprise them with the vegetarian version of our South Philly or Brooklyn Bridge.

Publish Date: April 1, 2021