New Seasonals to Plan Your Week Around

Delicious local products make our favorite toppings. Over 20 artisanal PNW suppliers, ranging from foraged mushrooms to fresh vegetables, cured meats and sausage, supply us with delicacies for our pizza. Buying locally boosts local jobs and the local economy, minimizes fuel for shipping, and best of all, the PNW produces some of the best food anywhere. 

Local favorite Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes the nationally renowned Beecher’s Flagship. The sharp cheddar has a gentle sweetness behind the assertive flavor that makes it such a fine cheese. And it melts beautifully (think pizza!). A rich cow’s milk gives it a velvety texture and contributes to the taste that landed it on Bon Appetit’s list of “The 25 Most Important Cheeses in America.” The cheese has been made right in the heart of the Pike Place Market since 2003. Beecher’s has won numerous top national and international awards for their cheeses over the years, including for their Flagship. 

Our seasonal Bacon Leek Primo combines Beecher’s Flagship with crisp bacon, mozzarella and the earthy flavor of roasted leeks. After baking, we sprinkle fresh peppery arugula over the top. 

Cheesemonger Kurt Beecher Dammeier, the founder of Beecher’s, says, ”I love local collaborations like this. Pagliacci is one of those iconic Seattle pizza brands I've been enjoying for decades, and as a customer, I am particularly proud. Both Beecher's and Pagliacci are known for big flavors, so combining Beecher's award-winning cheese with Pagliacci's award-winning pizza is an obvious match for deliciousness.” 

Our other new seasonal, Truffled Potato, is inspired by the famous Roman pie, Pizza con Patate. Often served as pizza al taglio—slices to go—the potato pizza is classic Roman street food. We make our Truffled Potato pizza with tender, new potatoes, thinly sliced and roasted, then layered over mozzarella and an olive oil base. While baking in the pizza oven, the new potatoes crisp at the edges but stay tender in the center. Truffle salt adds an irresistible aroma and flavor.  

And finally, for dessert, our seasonal gelato is made for grownups who have never outgrown the craving for creamsicles. And really, why should you? Gelatiamo’s Orange Cream resembles the ice-cream-truck favorite in gelato form but oriented to your sophisticated adult palate. Creamy gelato is spiked with sweet orange citrus, and it will take you back to sweet summer days and leave you yearning for a second helping. Add a pint of this to your next order while supplies last. 

Publish Date: April 22, 2021