New Beer Alert: Seapine's Candle Fly Kolsch

Seapine Kolch

Our latest refreshing summertime fascination is Seapine’s Candle Fly Kolsch. It’s well-balanced, light, crisp, and perfect for these long, warm summer days. For beer lovers who don’t already know, Seapine Brewing Co., located in Seattle’s Sodo district, has been making some of Seattle’s best beer since 2011. Their Northwest-style IPAs and pale ales have garnered plenty of local buzz, as have their other offerings.  

Kolsch style-beers, originally from Cologne, Germany, hover somewhere between a lager and an ale, borrowing techniques from both styles. Fermented with ale yeast, Kolsches are finished cold like lagers. The result is a beer that is crisp and light like a lager yet retains some of the flavor of a pale ale. 

Seapine’s Candle Fly Kolsch is a crowdpleaser: light and drinkable, though far from watery, and with enough lightly-hopped flavor to wow your palette.  Available July 1 until we run out!

Publish Date: July 1, 2021