Loyalty Pays: Pagliacci Pizza's New App and Loyalty program

If you’re a fan of Pagliacci Pizza, you will love our new app. In the works for over three years, the Pagliacci app makes ordering more convenient than ever—from wherever you are—and rewards loyalty. Everything on our menu is available on the app, including salads, calzone, breadsticks, pasta, beer and wine, and gelato. Best of all, you reap rewards when you use the app. The more you order, the more you earn.

Pags are the currency of our loyalty program. For every dollar you spend using the Pagliacci app, you earn five Pags. Every 100 Pags you earn entitles you to a dollar you can spend on your next order. You can even receive and redeem Pags when you place an order in our stores by scanning the rewards card in the app on your phone.

The app allows you to reorder your favorites quickly, conveniently stores your preferences and payment information and qualifies you for bonus Pags days. When you place an order at one of our stores, you can scan the app to earn and redeem Pags rewards.

Our brand has been built one loyal customer at a time. Great pizza and the best customer service have been the hallmarks of Pagliacci since 1979. This focus has fueled our expansive growth throughout the greater Seattle area. In developing and rigorously testing this app, nothing was more important than the customer experience. The app also provided us with an optimal way to reward our loyal customers.

Anyone can join the Pags Reward Program. Just download and use the app. Pags rewards may be earned and redeemed at all Pagliacci locations except the University of Washington campus locations.

Pagliacci’s app is now available at Google Play or at the Apple App Store. Download it today and begin building up your Pags account!


Publish Date: October 11, 2018