Life Goes Better with Pizza: Two New Seasonals and a Gelato

The Pear Primo

*New seasonals will run 12/2/21 - 12/28/21*

Along with holiday cheer comes holiday stress—shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, traveling. It’s a lot. For those nights when you need a break, we’ve got you covered. Our new seasonal pizzas are customer favorites. Both feature late-harvest treats from the fields and orchards and creative flavor combinations. 

Washington apples might hog the spotlight, but don’t overlook pears—we’re also the top grower of pears in the country. When most other local produce has become a memory, the late-season pear harvest is something to look forward to. Our Pear Primo features warm, caramelly pears. They pair (see what we did there) beautifully with creamy, piquant gorgonzola and crunchy toasted walnuts. Mushrooms and red onions round out the toppings. Served over a blend of fontina and mozzarella on an olive oil base.

Whoever first combined roasted butternut squash with fried sage leaves should get a MacArthur “Genius” Grant. Our Butternut Sage seasonal pizza features roasted butternut squash, which caramelizes when roasted, adding a rich sweetness to the mild, nutty flavor of the vibrant orange squash. Sage leaves, when fried, become delicious crispy flavor bombs with a mild minty-peppery taste that strikes just the right savory chord to the sweeter notes of the roasted squash. The delicate, meaty saltiness of prosciutto and the velvety texture and earthy flavor or chanterelle mushrooms round out the ensemble. We serve all this goodness over a blend of mozzarella and fontina on an olive oil base.

'Tis the candy cane season, which means it’s time for our Peppermint Gelato. This ode to the ubiquitous candy will send you back to the freezer for seconds. Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo’s owner and flavor magician, uses a distilled organic peppermint oil from Oregon to lend this satiny pink gelato a cool, flavorful bite. Crumbled candy cane bits add a satisfying crunch.

Publish Date: December 2, 2021