Happy Tenth Anniversary, Steven Black

Steven Black was twenty when he applied to Pagliacci Pizza. He was eager to move from Gig Harbor to Seattle and needed a job. Now ten years later, that starter job has become a career.

“I tried it out, liked it, so I just stuck around,” he says. “Still to this day, I remember my surprise when I got the job, and they told me I could have a 401K making pizza. I couldn’t believe it.”

He started as a cook at our Miller location, moved up to shift lead, and eventually became an associate manager. For the last six years he has worked as an associate manager at our Ballard location on 85th.

“I appreciate how Pagliacci buys locally from farmers, cheesemakers, salami products, you name it,” Steven says. “They take us managers to these places so we can see first-hand how these products are made. It gives you an appreciation of serving local, fresh food while helping these local businesses thrive.”

Another highlight has been the trips he’s won through company contents. About ten to twenty people go on each trip. “I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times, San Diego, and New Orleans. We had a suckled pig brought to our table in New Orleans, toured one of the famous cemeteries, and had fun on Bourbon Street.”

Our Ballard store, in the Crown Hill neighborhood, delivers to Ballard, Greenwood, Sunset Hill, and Loyal Heights. It’s one of our busiest delivery locations. Steven works hard to hire good people and train them well. He knows the importance of building a good team. “We have really low turnover here,” he says. “We get swamped and working as a team is very important. Everyone is working as fast and accurately as possible to handle really busy nights.”

To blow off steam, Steven, a proud Washingtonian, loves to get outside and enjoy time on the links or, when the lifts are running and the powder is good, on the slopes.

Publish Date: June 16, 2020