Flowerhead Rosé

August weather is rosé weather! Not that you need warm days to drink rosé—we enjoy sipping it year-round—but when the sun beats down, a chilled glass of rosé sure hits the spot.

Woodinville’s Mark Ryan Winery produces Flowerhead under their Lu & Oly label, a side project of the esteemed winery. Blending syrah, grenache, and sangiovese grapes grown in the Columbia Valley, Mark Ryan has created a mouthwatering rosé made to drink now. Fresh strawberry mingles with delicate apricot and peach flavors, cherries and tropical fruits. Crisp acidity combines with slight zest and spices to leave a lasting finish.

The Mark Ryan Winery, founded in 1999, has earned acclaim from wine-lovers and critics alike, and garnered respect from the state’s elite producers. Their wines have a reputation for representing the vineyards from which they come and showcase some of the best fruit our state has to offer

Publish Date: August 31, 2020