Epicurean Delights: Burrata, 'Nduja, Arborio Rice

The Tricolore is back by popular demand.

*These seasonals run March 24, 2022 - April 18, 2022*

Our seasonal pizzas and gelatos offer us an opportunity to feature seasonal produce and local foods and indulge in delicious specialty products. Our newest seasonal pizza, the Tricolore, features burrata, an artisanal cheese that originated in Puglia, the region of southern Italy located in the heel of the boot-shaped country. Burrata’s exterior resembles fresh milky mozzarella, but when you split it open molten ribbons of cheese curd and cream spill out from the center. The cheese melts in your mouth. Our Tricolore features a generous layer of burrata over a Margherita base topped with drizzled pesto. We finish the pie with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. 

Our other seasonal pizza, the Matador, features ‘nduja, a boldly-flavored spreadable pork sausage. The uniquely Calabrian sausage is a cultural byproduct of the 18th-century Spanish occupation of the region. Located in the southern “toe” of Italy, Calabria was at one time or another occupied by nearly every major foreign power. Today's Calabrian cuisine reflects this complicated history. 'Nduja gets its vivid red color and heat from Calabrian chiles. Our Matador features ‘nduja, buttery Castelvetrano olives, creamy fresh mozzarella and tangy Manchego cheese over crushed Italian tomatoes. 

And since every meal is better with a little dessert, we’re offering one of Gelatiamo’s most coveted flavors: Riso. The gelato is made with arborio rice, a specialty of the Piedmont region in Italy. The short-grained rice is famously used in risotto and has a creamy, chewy texture. Riso is laboriously made in small batches with arborio rice, cream, milk and sugar. It has a delicate flavor and a creamy texture resembling rice pudding. We carry it just once a year. Available through April 20 while supplies last. Order a pint or two before they’re gone!

Publish Date: March 24, 2022