Double the Pie: Our 11” Delivery Deal

Squabbles about pizza choices, especially with kids, are as classic as our Original Cheese pizza. At Pagliacci, we offer a solution that's both delicious and budget-friendly: Buy one 11" pizza for delivery, get the second for just $7.99. That’s nearly a $20 savings on two primo pies. 

Can’t live without our AGOG Primo, while your significant other swears by the 12th Fan Primo? Or maybe you simply can't resist our Extra Pepperoni, a classic that never disappoints, but you abhor onions and your friend can’t live without them? Are your kids unable to agree on a single pie, even when they love the same things? Or perhaps you simply love a fantastic deal! 

Ordering is easy: Pick up the phone, visit our website, or use the Pagliacci app. Our Customer Service Reps can answer all your questions, while our website and app make ordering quick and simple. Just order two 11” pizzas for delivery and your customer service rep, the website, or our app will automatically apply your savings. 

The savings don’t stop there. If you order through our app or website with a Pagliacci account, your loyalty is rewarded each time you order. We celebrate your loyalty with money-saving rewards

Our 11" pizza deal is not just about saving money. It's a chance to taste different flavors, solve the problem of choice, and appreciate good food delivered quickly to your door. We value your business. So don't wait. Order your pizzas now, and we’ll deliver an excellent meal at a great price. 

*Discount applies to the cheaper of the two pizzas. 

Publish Date: May 13, 2023