Upcoming Giveaway: Pinckney Cookie Cafe

Giveaway Alert: Order a whole pie this Tuesday, November 17, and while supplies last we’ll bring you two of the best cookies you’ve ever tasted! 

Michael Pinckney is a cookie monster. He didn’t dream of owning his own business or baking professionally. He just loved cookies. While working at IBM in New York, and later at Microsoft and a couple of Seattle area start-ups, Michael found himself still searching for the perfect cookie, despite many bakery visits. One day he decided he was going to make them himself.  

“I was going to learn how to make the best cookies on planet earth,” Michael says with a smile. "It was just fun and games. But I kept at it, baking, tasting, improving my recipes. That’s where it came from. Loving cookies and loving experimenting. Literally over decades, I wound up with two cookies, the Pinckney Original and the Dark Chocolate Oatmeal. I took them to parties, and I donated them to auctions at my kid’s schools. People just raved about them.” 

Pinckney Cookie Café was born. Using premium ingredients, Michael expanded his line of cookies, including a line of Miracle Cookies— They’re vegan and gluten-free and truly delicious. That’s the miracle. 

Passionate about race and social justice, Michael has used his platform to raise money for charities and advocate for racial justice. Despite the challenges our country faces, Michael finds hope in the response so many Americans had to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent anti-racism efforts throughout the country. Pinckney Cookie Café recently raised $14,845 for charities— $12,050 for Covid-19 and then $2,845 for racial justice. He also landed on several lists of Black-owned businesses to support, including in Esquire magazine. 

“Most people don’t think of cookies as a luxury item,” says Michael. “They think of a great cookie as something out of grandma’s oven. Most people have never bought a great cookie. These are different. If you were served these as dessert at the finest restaurant, you would say, let’s go to that great restaurant with the awesome desserts! These are super high quality.” 

For the Pagliacci giveaway on Tuesday, November 17, customers who order a whole pie will get two of our favorite cookies: the Classic Chocolate Chip and the Double Chocolate Espresso

If you love cookies, go to and place an order. They’ll arrive at your door in few days. The cookies are individually wrapped and packaged in a handsome gift box. And if you feel so inclined, you can donate a dollar toward charities that support racial justice advocacy or Covid-19 charities (as you prefer), and Michael will match your donation. 

The recent surge of support has humbled Michael. He says, “It’s not only your support of me and Pinckney Cookie Café, a black-owned business, but it's also all the wonderful emails and notes with orders and social media posts. Just the outpouring of support and kind words, it’s just been heartwarming.”

Publish Date: November 12, 2020