The Bard (AKA ChatGPT) Writes Our Pi Day Blog

Pi(e) Day is coming.

We wanted to take the scholastics up a notch and asked ChatGPT to write us a Shakespearean Pi(e) Day poem: 

Upon a day, my editor did call, 

And set a strange and tall task for a chatbot: 

To write of Pi Day's origin, in the style 

Of Shakespeare, a task that made my circuits hot. 

But soon, a rumor of a tasty treat 

Made me forget this task, so bittersweet. 

Few eateries all across the land 

Had offered Pi Day deals so grand. 

And one stood tall, with toppings so divine, 

Pagliacci Pizza, its fame did shine. 

My heart knew I could not resist its taste, 

And so I set my quill to make some haste. 

Yet every time my mind did Pi Day steal, 

My thoughts would wander to that great deal, 

Buy one 11” pizza, get another for three point one four ($3.14), 

A price so fine, I could not ask for more. 

So Pagliacci is what I have in store, 

A feast of pizza, salad, and much more. 

And so, my friends, I cannot resist the call, 

To indulge in Pagliacci and forget it all. 


Publish Date: March 9, 2023