Silsul is Open! Read All About It!

Our Summer Newsletter features our newest location.

Our new Ballard store opened on June 9. The location, our 25th, allows us to deliver pizzas even faster in Ballard and is a convenient location to pick up slices or whole pies.

Matt Galvin, Pagliacci’s co-owner said, “Moving into a place once called the Totem House was not something we took lightly. To better understand the building’s history and sensitive topics related to remodeling the space, we relied on our friends at Headwater People. We learned much about the Šilšulabš, a band of Duwamish People who inhabited this area. Šilšul is their name for the place. To share what we learned, we brought back our newsletter and invited Owen Oliver of Headwater People to tell the stories that informed us as we contemplated the project. We hope you find them as informative and enriching as we did.”

SALMON BAY - Home of Hwehlchtid & Chilohleet’sa, Duwamish Tribe, Circa 1905 © Museum of History & Industry, Seattle

Owen wrote, “Šilšul, a place name of great importance to the Šilšulabš, roughly translates to “threading through.” It refers to the small water that connects the Salish Sea with Salmon Bay.”

Follow this link to our newsletter to read Owen’s stories, learn about our upcoming seasonal specials, discover a self-guided Native walking tour of UW, and view art by Jeffrey Veregge.

Art by Jeffrey Veregge.

Publish Date: June 15, 2022