Riddle Me This: The Pagliacci Scavenger Hunt

Can you solve the riddle of free pizza?

Any pizza-loving puzzlers out there? Looking to spritz up the gray winter days with a little fun? For five days, beginning Monday, January 30, we’ll provide a riddle that will lead to free pizza for a year!

Each day, a riddle that will direct you* to one of our 25 Pagliacci locations will be sent out via Pagliacci App push notification (be sure to turn them on!) at 11 a.m. The riddle will also be posted 15 minutes later on our social media channels and website.

Those who correctly deduce the Pagliacci location of the day will find a QR code on an exterior door that will reveal a simple clue to find the prize somewhere at the location.

It's a race! Whoever finds the golden pizza slice first will win a grand prize of a free pizza dinner every month for a year ($1,200 value), and twenty-five runners-up will each receive a $50 gift card.**

We’ll do the same thing every day that week, ending on Friday, February 3. Five grand prizes and 125 runners-up — that’s a lot of free pizza! 

*Pagliacci employees and their friends and families are not eligible for prizes. 

** Grand prize winners will receive their gift card at the location along with a free lunch (and hopefully pose for a photo). The 25 runners-up will be mailed gift cards. 

* Must be 18 years or older to participate * QR code must be scanned after clues are released to be eligible * Must solve both riddles in order to be eligible for the grand prize * A customer may only win one grand prize. Waiting outside a location before opening disqualifies you from the grand prize.

Publish Date: January 10, 2023