Pagliacci March Madness

And the winner is...Mike Baxley from 145th St

The final for March Madness featured the 4 best tossers in the competition – and coincidentally one from each position in our kitchen. 145th GM Mike Baxley, who has a fear of octopi, went first only to find that one of his competitors had sabotaged the flour bin with a hidden octopus leg. After shaking off the surprise, Mike calmed himself down and tossed a 31-second cheese – the fastest of the competition to that point. AM Sam Kosola of Juanita followed with a 34-second beauty, followed by Octopus leg-wielding Crossroads Shift Leader Scott Heikkinen who one-upped Baxley with a 30-second effort. Core Crewmember Zach Lindner of Main Street matched the 34-second cheese and waited for the quality grading. One point separated 3rd from 4th and 1st from 2nd. Mike Baxley eked out the win, beating Sam by 1 point – if Sam’s pizza had been ¼” bigger he would have won the tiebreaker. Scott took third place under the same circumstances. A big thanks to all the competitors whose commitment to speed and quality help set us apart. And congratulations to Baxley!

Publish Date: April 29, 2011