Pagliacci Delivers: Great Pizza Deserves Great Service

Alex Doros
In an age where food delivery has become ubiquitous, Pagliacci is reliably and refreshingly old-school. 

Pagliacci takes pride in being there for our community in ways big and small. In an age where digital platforms and third-party services dominate the delivery landscape, Pagliacci maintains a personal touch that transcends the transactional nature of modern food delivery. Pagliacci’s direct delivery model is refreshingly old-school and reflects the company’s broader commitment to excellence, personal engagement, and high-quality service.  

Plamen and Nasko, Drivers at West Seattle

Our drivers have a remarkably long tenure, especially by industry standards — over a quarter of our drivers have been with the company for ten years or longer. With 26 locations throughout the greater Seattle area and maintaining tight delivery areas, the pizza is always hot — every pizza we deliver is baked at a location close to your house. Our drivers' familiarity with their routes, born from experience, further guarantees the swift and safe delivery of your meal. 

Alex, Driver at Mercer Island

Alex Doros holds the current company record with nearly 12,000 consecutive mistake-free deliveries. This has earned his store on Mercer Island the Pagliacci Driver Trophy and the admiration of the community he serves. “The Driver Trophy is a little like the Stanley Cup,” says Matt Galvin, co-owner of Pagliacci. “It’s a source of great pride for the driver and the location that holds it.” 

Mikala, Driver at 85th Street

Pagliacci drivers like Alex have a consistent presence in the neighborhoods they serve. “Pagliacci drivers have home stores, which allows us to develop unique relationships with our patrons,” Alex says. “We aren’t just bagging orders for customers. We are taking the time and care to provide the best experience for people we see on a weekly basis.”  

Michael, Driver at Stone Way

Customers regularly share stories of their interactions with Pagliacci drivers, painting a picture of people who routinely go the extra mile. From surprising loyal customers with the occasional free pizza to helping chase down a runaway puppy, these stories are testaments to the personal connections formed over the years. One customer fondly recalls the support received from their delivery driver during a challenging time, saying, “It turned a tragic day into a MAGIC day!” 

Jim, Driver at 85th Street

Alex sums it up well: “The amount of agency and autonomy granted to drivers within the framework of Pagliacci best practices allows us to solve any issues on a personal and human level that our competitors cannot provide. I feel a sense of pride if I can alleviate the stress that surrounds family dinner after a busy day of school and work. Knowing our customers and the community makes the job more than just delivering pizza.” 

Publish Date: March 19, 2024