Meet Bridget Dougherty: Field Manager

Bridget rounds out the team as our fourth Field Manager!

As a junior in high school, Bridget Dougherty needed some spending cash. She applied and was hired to work at Pagliacci’s Sand Point location. She enjoyed the experience but didn’t think of it as a long-term job. After graduating high school, she moved on to other jobs. Five years later, she reapplied at Pagliacci with a different perspective and new ambitions. 

Over the next four years, Bridget worked in a series of manager roles developing the skills to take on the challenge of running our Magnolia store. “I’m grateful that Pagliacci recognized my passion and talent and invested in my future,” says Bridget. “They taught me how to run a successful business—back-office work, managing a large staff, developing crew, and so much more. It’s like I got a master’s degree in business administration through hands-on learning.” 

By 2016, Bridget had the skills to head our Lake City store, one of our busiest. “At Lake City, I was able to grow into the manager I am now,” says Bridget. “I love the thrill of being busy. That was where I really felt like I was able to use my operational skills and develop my management skills through working with a much larger crew than I’d been used to.” 

Bridget managed a crew of nearly 40 employees, making a goal of never denying a schedule request. “My priority is making sure my crew is happy, and when people can do the fun things outside of work they want to do, they’re much happier inside of work,” says Bridget. “Job satisfaction leads to people working harder and more invested in their job.” 

At Pagliacci, each field manager supports and oversees several stores. With continued growth, we needed to hire another field manager. Many interviews later, Bridget got the job. Jeff Woodruff, Pagliacci’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “This was a competitive process with three other strong candidates, each of whom would have made a great FM. However, Bridget’s experience, enthusiasm, energy, and desire to learn elevated her to the top of the pack.” 

Before starting the new job, Bridget, who’d reached her 15th anniversary with the company, took a sabbatical, a perk offered to managers with enough tenure. “Pagliacci gave me four weeks off paid,” she says, “Summertime in Seattle is the best. I took some weekend trips around the state but mostly stayed in Seattle. I played tourist, went on harbor boat tours, enjoyed parts of the city I never get to visit.”  

As a field manager, Bridget oversees five stores. She spends most of her time in the stores helping the GMs. “I love being in the stores,” says Bridget. “I love making pizzas, talking to people, getting to know people, being a bigger part of Pagliacci, meeting new people in the company, and getting to know new stores. It’s exciting. And it softens the blow of leaving Lake City, my crew, my family. One thing I’ve found is we have so many great people at Pagliacci. Everyone I’ve met is so nice and cares. That has been the best part of this job.” 

Publish Date: September 14, 2022