Happy Tenth Anniversary, Jeremy Cullup

Trust is hard to earn, easy to lose. The legacy of the customer service team at Pagliacci Pizza is built on trust and earned one customer at a time. Getting it right day after day requires a dedicated team of professionals like Jeremy Cullup.  

Ten years ago, when Jeremy started working as a Customer Service Representative (CSR), the legendary Jun Kenny, the “Voice of Pagliacci,” was the manager. She taught him how a customer should be treated and how to help with problems that may arise. Making a customer’s experience great wasn’t just the goal—it was the expectation.  

“Helping customers with big and small orders alike is a rewarding task,” Jeremy says. “The great team I work with and so many loyal customers help make it fun.” 

Jeremy is a shift leader now and helps teach others how to succeed, even when the situation is challenging. Every team member knows the menu inside and out, the seasonal specials, where ingredients come from, how busy each store is and when the customer can expect their delivery. It takes quick thinking and strong interpersonal skills. 

One of Jeremy’s favorite work moments is when he gets to hand out a “Super” surprise—Pagliacci’s tradition of occasionally giving away free pizza to regular customers. And Jeremy has happily given away plenty; a few years ago he won an internal competition for having the most “Super” customers. “It’s one of the best things we do,” says Jeremy. “It’s a fun way to thank our loyal customers.” 

The Customer Service team at Pagliacci has a remarkable number of long-term employees like Jeremy. “People like the flexible hours and free pizza. Great benefits are another reason,” Jeremy says. “I work with an incredible and diverse group every day. We’re like a family. When it gets hectic, I know we can count on each other.” 

At Pagliacci, we’re “Super” grateful for the professionalism and thoughtfulness that Jeremy has provided to our customers. He and the experienced CSR team carry on and continue to build the legacy of the best customer service team in the pizza business. 

Publish Date: February 3, 2020