Floisand Studio

Allison Hogue and Richard Floisand

Now that our new Madison Delivery Kitchen is open, many people have asked about the architect. Floisand Studio is the firm we chose to design this space, as we have a history of successful projects with them. We first worked with architect Richard Floisand and his incredible team when they remodeled the façade of our Magnolia location in 2009. Since then, we’ve felt a strong connection to their design aesthetic as it reflects our unique style and culture. So, it’s no surprise that we chose to work with them to develop Seattle’s only LEED-certified pizzeria.

Floisand Studio is a Seattle-based architecture, planning and interior design firm, founded in 1999. Their deep knowledge and commitment to creating spaces that embrace sustainability aligns with our values and commitment, which made them a natural to bring our vision for a LEED-certified location to life.

Richard has been instrumental in making our newest location the greenest so far. And, for a couple of reasons this was no easy task. First, we’ve been working to embrace sustainable practices throughout our operation – and have already set a fairly high bar. We’re also a small company without the deep pockets that large corporations have to invest in building and infrastructure, and Richard understood this.

In addition, this location came with its own unique challenges. Before we decided to build here, the property had housed, at different times, a gas station and a dry cleaner. Both of these businesses left their own less-than-green imprint on the land, so before we could even break ground, we worked with Richard and his team to ensure the site was clean. This extra effort meant we were able to deliver environmental benefits to the neighborhood even as we continued to build out the site.

Another challenge for Richard was the need to stabilize the land. As it turned out, the property consisted of, in part, fill material, likely left over from a previous use. Richard and his team were able to engineer solutions to ensure stability for the home of our newest location.These challenges – site cleanup and site stabilization – are essential components that people visiting our new store will never see, and are as important as the materials we chose to build with. Speaking of which, Richard was able to integrate features like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber in our framing, low- and non-toxic finishes, and high-efficiency plumbing and lighting fixtures. He also created a design that brings in abundant natural light to reduce our electricity usage while creating a warm and inviting space – and while staying within budget.

We think our newest location is a great addition to the neighborhood, and we couldn’t have done it without Richard and his team! Come and see for yourself, and learn more about Floisand Studio at

Publish Date: November 14, 2012