Employee Appreciation: Uvania Balbuena

The crew at Stone Way celebrates Uva's milestone anniversary.
We surprised Uvania on her 20th anniversary with a memorable party.

“Oh, wow,” Uvania Balbuena says. “I really have no words to describe the emotion I felt that day. Such a beautiful surprise that I received that day. Especially when seeing the people who were present — the people I love. Thank you Pagliacci.” 

Matt Galvin, Pagliacci co-owner, says, “Pretty cool to see all the love for Uva! It was awesome to have so many there to celebrate her 20th Anniversary. No one wanted to miss it.” 

The gratitude for Uvania runs deep at Pagliacci. She began as a cook at our Sand Point delivery kitchen, worked in the commissary for years, and is now at our Stone Way location.  

“Uvania has an unwavering passion for doing things the right way,” says John Clifford, Pagliacci’s Senior Director of Training and Development. “She will let anyone —anyone! — know when they messed up. While this may make her seem serious, she has a good sense of humor and is, apparently, a bit of a prankster. She has worked hard over the years and is extremely reliable.” 

It’s often said that Luis, Uvania’s husband, the GM at our Valley store and a renowned pizza tosser, is the second best in the company — behind Uvania. Regardless of who’s better, Uvania is damn good. With her mastery of all things pizza, Uvania trains many of our managers. At home, Uvania delights in cooking meals with her family and laughing at the funny things her youngest son does.  

One April a few years ago, Uvania told her GM she was putting in her two weeks’ notice. He practically got on his knees and begged her to change her mind. “Happy April fool,” she replied.  

Such is her value to all who work with her that we still laugh (and shudder) at the memory.  

Thank you, Uvania, for all you do!  

Publish Date: January 10, 2023