The Art of the Pizza Box 

Catch our new Be Well pizza boxes!

How many artists can lay claim to the fact that every evening their art is delivered to over a thousand homes? And that whole families gather around the art in a rough circle, sometimes even passing it around for closer viewing? Or that a typical buyer composts the art an hour or two after receiving it?  

The two-man wrecking crew, Coby Shultz and Barry Ament, better known as Ames Bros., first earned their fame by designing Pearl Jam posters. They’ve earned Grammy nominations, designed posters and CD covers for dozens of bands, including Neil Young, Radiohead, Coldplay, Sting, Phish, John Mayer, Snoop Dog, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, and The Hives. They’ve done design work for MTV, Nike, the NBA and NFL, Nascar, Boeing, Harley-Davidson, Absolut, The North Face, and so many more. 

But despite all the T-shirts, album covers, and posters designed by Ames Bros., we’d surmise in the nearly five years their art has made its way into more Seattle area homes on our pizza boxes than anything else (how many Seattle households order a new Pearl Jam album every week?).  

Some of you have already seen our new large pizza box featuring Squatch chilling in a seated yoga pose. What else does Squatch do to keep his mind and body fit? Check out the art on our new medium and small boxes. 

Publish Date: July 19, 2021