April Giveaway: DeLaurenti’s Italian Lemon Cookies

During the pandemic, we delighted our customers with a series of giveaways as a gesture of appreciation and to bolster local businesses during a challenging time. We delivered thousands of treats from the likes of Tom Douglas, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Hello Robin, Caffe Umbria, Salumi and Macrina Bakery. We had so much fun doing it, we’re at it again! 

Order a whole pie on Tuesday, April 4, and we’ll treat you to a package of DeLaurenti’s Italian Lemon Cookies made by CiCi’s. 

CiCi’s Italian Cookies started with a cherished family recipe and a goal to share love through food. The Italian Lemon Cookies CiCi’s makes for DeLaurenti have a light, cake-like texture that melts in your mouth with a fresh, lemony sweetness that will leave you yearning for more. They’re baked from scratch, beautifully packaged, and make a delicious dessert or a fantastic gift.  

DeLaurenti Food and Wine is a Seattle institution. Founded in the Pike Place Market in 1946, DeLaurenti has served Seattle families and visitors from around the world for over 75 years. Their selection of Italian goods, charcuterie, cheeses, wines and specialty grocery items is unrivaled in our area. In recent years, their online store has drawn the interest of food lovers nationwide. In Seattle, they offer same-day delivery for less than the cost of parking at the Pike Place Market. Their Italian Lemon Cookies by CiCi’s are one of their top online sellers.  


Publish Date: March 16, 2023