Pi(e) Day 2022

π = $3.14 

Contrary to popular belief, Pi does not take its name from pizza pies. The name comes from the Greek letter Pi, chosen since pi is derived from the perimeter of the circle. And, without which, you couldn’t calculate the area of a pizza. 

Take, for example, Pagliacci’s Pi Day special: order an 11” pizza and get a second 11” pizza for just $3.14. Just how many square inches of pizza is that? Hmm. Let’s see. 


So, 2 x (π x 5.52) = 190 

One hundred and ninety inches! Of your favorite pizza topped with your favorite toppings! Now that’s worth a National Day of Celebration (The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution designating March 14 as National Pi Day in 2009). 

In other news, Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday and the day Stephen Hawking died. What are the odds of that? It’s also the birthday of another master of the sphere: Stephen Curry. 

Pi never ends and never repeats. However, Pi Day does end, though it will repeat (Every year since 2014 for us). So whether you love math or love to hate it, celebrate Pi Day with 190 inches of your favorite pizza. The special offer is available for delivery, pick-up, or dine-in customers. Other offers cannot be combined with the Pi Day special.

Publish Date: February 25, 2022